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5 Great Tips to Help Kids Make New Years Resolutions-A timely lesson in self-improvement

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Help kids make new years resolutions

Tradition is important. It is a type of structure that children crave. With the coming of the New Year, many are striving for self-improvement. But resolutions should not be limited to adults. Parents can help children can get involved as well. After all, self-improvement is important to everyone. It helps us strive to better ourselves and our lives. What a great way to teach that lesson with a fun popular holiday tradition.

While some children may be too young to understand this tradition, others will have no problem choosing their resolution. It is important that you are involved in this decision.

5 Tips to help kids make New Years Resolutions

  1. Discuss their decisions with them and remind them daily. Try to lead them to make New Year’s Resolutions that will make them feel proud and accomplished.
  2. Try to keep children away from vain and unhealthy resolutions by altering the way they perceive the goal. If your son or daughter states that he or she wants to lose weight, redirect them to making the decision to eat healthier.
  3. Encourage them to spend time helping others. Have older siblings make resolutions that involve younger siblings. Be sure that their goals are realistic. A great idea would be to have older children make resolutions to read to younger brothers or sisters 3 times a week.
  4. Share your own personal goals with them for this year and years past
  5. Track progress. Help your child track their progress. You can even share the experience by allowing them to help you track your own progress


By leading your children in the right direction you will be working towards making your life as a parent slightly easier. These traditions could life your family a lifetime and help you mold your children to become responsible young adults.  Your decision to help kids make New Years Resolutions can become a family tradition.



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