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The Shack- by Paul Young- A brief review

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The Shack by Paul Young is a book about a man named Mackenzie Allen Phillips. Mackenzie experiences an inconsolable loss during a camping trip in the Oregon wilderness when a rafting accident caused him to divert attention from his youngest child, Missy. Once everything calmed down and the potential disaster diffused Missy was nowhere to be found. With the passing of this tragedy came a loss of faith and happiness.

During a snowstorm, a suspicious note was left. After deep contemplation regarding the suspicious content of the letter which asked Mack to meet “Papa” at the shack which was where Missy was suspected to be murdered, Mack decided to travel back to the sight of the horrific tragedy.

When Mack goes to the shack he is surprised to embark on a spiritual journey… He is found in awe of the knowledge that he attains. His previous misconceptions and beliefs are beyond challenged; they are shattered. He is joined at the shack by a human interpretation of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This gives a unique look into the Christian belief of the Trinity.

The Shack by Paul Young was not only very well written and easy to read; it grabs the readers attention and does not let go. The underlying story is a common one that many face—the loss of a loved one. Many things can happen in life that can impact us spiritually and emotionally. This made the book easy to relate to. Writing is an art and each page is a canvas. Painting an image of spirituality that people can see has to be a difficult task and The Shack by Paul Young seemed to do this beautifully.

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