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Homemade Biscuits-No measuring required

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Homemade Biscuits

Simple tasks were once valued as crafts and passed down through generations. Many of them were lost. Below is a method for homemade biscuits that my grandmother used. Some of my most valued memories of her were our time spent crafting, quilting, gardening, and cooking. This is a simple task that she performed daily; so much that she perfected it.

You will need:

A large bowl
Self-rising flour
Milk ( your choice)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Place the flour into the bowl. You want the bowl ½ full or slightly larger making the flour into a mold of the bowl.  Next pack the flour into the bowl tightly. Slowly pour the milk (condensed or whole milk). I prefer condensed milk. Next, add a small amount of shortening. With clean hands break-up the shortening into the milk. Once that is finished move your hands slowly in a circular motion pulling the flour from the sides into the mixture. Use your best judgment. I suggest no more than a tablespoon of shortening.

At this point, the mixture will become thicker and thicker until it becomes solid. One thing to remember is the more flour the softer the biscuits. Pull apart pieces and roll into biscuits. My grandmother never used a rolling pin or a cutter.  I think she was trying to minimize the mess considering she was used to cooking for a big family. But you can cut them the traditional way if you want them to be more consistent. Brush with butter across the top and bake.

Typically these take only 15-20 minutes but this varies depending on chosen consistency. Another thing I love about this recipe is that it can be altered and personalized. Also if you do this correctly the flour bowl comes out clean each time. My grandmother used to keep a cloth over a giant bowl. I suggest getting a bowl with a lid. If you plan on making homemade biscuits often you can just keep using the same bowl. You can save time by just adding ingredients each time.

This is a tradition that I still practice. Each time I do it, I get just a little better and quicker. I have altered her homemade biscuits recipe by using buttermilk. In our home, we use a large flour bowl with a lid. If you do this correctly the flour that is left in the bowl is completely dry and you can reuse the bowl with the remaining packed flour.

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