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ADHD symptoms in a child versus and adult- A quick comparison

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ADHD symptoms are different in a child versus an adult. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a disorder that can affect every aspect of your life. It can cause a number of problems. Just like you grow and change, so do your symptoms. A child with ADHD may have problems concentrating, hypertension, rapid speech, and behavior problems. They may struggle with reading. Children may be impulsive. They may also have problems adjusting to new situations. This disorder is found much more common in boys than in girls. The symptoms vary too.

As an adult, with changes in the atmosphere, cognition, and intelligence some of the same ADHD symptoms have more mature faces. Adults have the same hyperactivity but it is seen as being fidgety, in constant motion and not being able to relax until exhaustion. The inattention ADHD symptoms are may include: having troubled relationships and lack of performance at work or school. In adults this disorder looks very different; they have problems completing tasks that they are not interested in or becoming obsessed with activities they like. Forgetfulness and losing things are another characteristic of ADHD symptoms in adults. The impulsive behavior may be seen as problems maintaining a job or making risky financial decisions.

When diagnosed, symptoms can cause a lot of stress in children and adults. ADHD sounds almost sounds like a cliche when in reference to a child. Many parents have a tendency to rationalize their child’s behavior with the suggestion that they might possibly have ADHD. This is also a very easy mistake to make because all kids do have some of the same issues with attention, hyperactivity and so on.


The symptoms of a child with ADHD are usually more extreme. This problem tends to fix itself because if a child does not have ADHD the medication does not work, and the mistake can easily be seen. One can imagine how frustrated the parents of a child with behavior problems feel when the Ritalin kicks in and causes their already hyperactive child to be more hyper. With the continuing assumptions of ADHD in children, it is ironic that in adults ADHD tends to be overlooked. Many adults just rationalize their symptoms as part of the everyday stresses of life


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