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Teach your kids to cook!-4 Reasons Why this is Great Idea

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Teach your kids to cook with a focused kid-friendly recipe from Cooking with Kids. These recipes are simple and delicious. Being a parent takes a lot of work, and time is not on our side.  Unfortunately, time spent cooking is inevitable in a busy household. I have a large family so cooking is something that has to be done frequently but luckily, cooking has become an enjoyable pass time for us.

We cook a lot of stuff from scratch. It saves us money and ensures that we know whats in what we are eating. I am not a big fan of additives and fillers that a lot of pre-packaged foods have.

4 Reasons why you should teach your kids to cook

  1. Spend Quality time. Cooking takes time and what better way to spend that time than with your little one.
  2. Kids Think Cooking is Fun. Most kids enjoy cooking. It’s like an edible science experiment.
  3. Cooking Saves Money. Purchasing raw ingredients and cooking them costs way less than purchasing already cooked meals. Not only can you save money doing this, you can also teach your son or daughter this valuable life lesson.
  4. Teach a life lesson Cooking requires a lot of other skills including planning, budgeting, cleaning. It requires patience. These are a lot of great lessons that can be taught while doing something productive and beneficial.
  5. Make your life a little easier. 3 out of 5 of my kids love to cook.  This has helped me in so many ways. If I am having a bad day or am super busy, one of them steps up to help. My daughter Nico takes it upon herself to make breakfast on Saturdays. Her favorite thing to make is chocolate chip pancakes and homemade syrup. Its almost become a tradition.

Teach your kids to cook using Recipes from Hustleversusstruggle’s page Cooking with Kids

Teach your kids too cook is a great way to instill valuable knowledge and spend quality time with kids.   Ultimately, we all want to make sure that our children grow up to be responsible productive adults. What better way to make sure that our children are able to take good care of themselves and their families then to teach your kids to cook. They can learn a valuable craft that will help them provide for their family and themselves. Furthermore, they can pass their knowledge they have learned on to their own kids someday.


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