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2 Easy Valentines Day Crafts

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On Valentine’s Day children all over the country will spend one day giving out store bought Valentines Day’s cards. Handmade are a great inexpensive alternative. Handmade cards reflect personality and thoughtfulness. A great way to bond with your son or daughter would be to take the time out to help them hand-make Valentine’s Day cards.

Do not worry about time. I have some quick tips to help you create easy-to-make yet ornate and personalized cards with your children.

Silly Picture Cards

A great way to personalize your cards is to put a picture of your son or daughter on the card. This is a simple task that can easily be achieved with photo shop. Try to get a fun pose. Once you get the pose you want simply resize it in photo shop. You can easily fit enough pictures within the entire class on 2 pages. You and your child can cut and paste the picture on handmade hearts or even layer different size squares to make a frame card.

Heart envelopes 

If you are not that crafty and want to make something simple then use a heart stencil or print a page to trace from online. You can purchase craft paper or just use regular pink or red construction paper to make this simple item. Then fold in each side of the heart to make an envelope. Place a few small pieces of candy inside and seal the envelope with a Valentines sticker. The recipient will be surprised when the envelope opens into a heart. Your children’s friends and teachers will really enjoy the thoughtfulness that you and your child put into the cards. Your child will appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help them. You can even turn this into a tradition.

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